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Stonewall Raleigh Tennis - Spring 2020  Tennis · Co-Ed Novice

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Spring 2020
Apr 4 ’20
Jun 7 ’20
Registration Dates:
Jan 31 ’20 – Feb 14 ’20 regular
Feb 15 ’20 – Feb 18 ’20 late
Lions Park
Triangle Tennis Club - US Tennis Association
Minimum age:
21 years old
Maximum age:
90 years old
Age as of:
Mar 21 ’20
MonTueWedThuFriSatSun 9:00am to 12:00pm
Team Fees
Regular $45.00 per player + 8.5% Processing Fee
Late $50.00 per player + 8.5% Processing Fee
Free Agent Fees
Regular $45.00 + 8.5% Processing Fee
Late $50.00 + 8.5% Processing Fee


Regular Registration - Jan. 31st - Feb. 14th @ $45.00 (plus processing fee), includes team t-shirt (uniform).

Late Registration - Feb. 15th - Feb. 18th @ $50.00 (plus processing fee), includes team t-shirt (uniform).

This season we will allow up to 6 teams.  Teams may have 11-16 players. 

Games will be played at Lions Park Community Center starting at 9:00AM & ending at 12:00PM.

General Information:


The Standard United States Tennis Association (USTA) rules of tennis will be used with a few modifications as outlined below. 


A 5 (Five) minute warm-up is allowed and encouraged.   After that players will be asked to begin as we have many sets to play in a relatively short period of time.


Each Match will consist of 3 singles players and 4 doubles teams of 2 players.

Captain (or designated fill-in in his/her absence) is responsible for team lineup and must present lineup before start of play.


Substitutions for injury will be allowed.  Players cannot play more than 2 matches but any player who has 0 or 1 match played can sub in for an injured player.   #3 and #4 doubles must have a sub that is level C or level D.   If a team has an equal or lower level player available for the injured player, that person must be used before a higher level player is used. 


Will only be allowed if a team brings more than the number of playing slots.    So by example, in 2018, there were 11 playing slots (singles 3 x 1; plus doubles 4 x 2).   If a team brings 11 or fewer players - no advance substitutions in lineup.     If a team brings 12 or more players - advance substitutions are submitted in advance because they will be needed for all players to play in at least 1 match. 3 DOUBLES and #4 DOUBLES are restricted to C and D players ONLY.     All substitutions are made when one team first reaches 4 (four) games.    The score at that point will be 4-0, 4-1, 4-2, or 4-3.


Both singles and doubles will be one pro set with first to reach 8 games by a margin of 2.  No ad scoring is 15, 30, 40, game.  At 40-40 (also known as deuce), one point is played to finish the game.  At 40-40, the receiving team will choose to receive serve in the deuce court or ad court.

In the event of a 8-8 game score, a "first to 7 point tiebreaker"(win by 2 points) is used with USTA rules.    


All eligible team members who show up on time and are not injured must play.  

No player may play in more than 2 matches. (any combination of singles and doubles) unless an exception is allowed by Tennis Director.

A minimum of 6 team members will play each week in an official match.

If a team has 5 or fewer players they may play but will get zero points.  And a loss.  Other team gets +40 in game differential.

If a team has 6 players present they are official but begin with a game score of -8.  They are eligible to win if they make up that deficit.

If a team has 7 players present they are official and begin with a game score of -4.  They are eligible to win if they make up that deficit. 

If a team has 8 or more players they are official and begin with an even score.  


We keep team score by total games won.   Team that wins the most games is the winner.   A tie score (in regular season) is possible.

Example with Baby Got Backhand (BB) and Total Topspin (TT) from 2017 season:

# 1 Singles   BB 8 - TT 6

#2 Singles    BB 8 - TT 6

#1 Doubles BB 4 - TT 8

#2 Doubles BB 9 - TT 8

#3 Doubles BB 2 - TT 8

Total Games Won BB 31 - TT 36

Even though BB won 3 out of 5 sets - TT WINS the overall match by a score of 36-31.

As you can see from the example above every game counts.


All players must wear a Stonewall current season tennis shirt to play.   Shorts, pants, or a tennis skirt must also be worn (provided by each player).

Shirts may be cut at the sleeves, neckline, mid-riff, etc. as long as all Stonewall and sponsor information is fully visible.  

In the event of colder weather, long sleeves may be worn under the Stonewall Shirt. 

Tennis shoes MUST be worn.  Any flat bottom athletic shoe is considered appropriate for tennis.  Shoes with spikes or heavy tread are not permitted.

Any other wardrobe modifications must be approved in advanced by the Stonewall Tennis Director. 


Each team calls the ball in or out, using the designated singles or doubles lines on their side of the court.

The serving team is responsible for calling the point score and game score.   

In the event the serving team forgets the score, they may ask opponents or any spectators or assistant directors (volunteers) for assistance.

In the event of a dispute please consult with any Stonewall referee(s) or members of Directors Team.    

Stonewall Tennis- Raleigh volunteers (Director and Assistant Directors) will be wearing designated color T-shirts.  


First Tiebreaker:                overall won-loss records

Second Tiebreaker:          head to head record

Third Tiebreaker:              points differential  

Fourth Tiebreaker:            coin toss      


January 2020

January 31 - Registration Opens

February 2020

February 14 - Last Day of Regular Registration

February 15- First Day of Late Registration 

February 18 - Last Day of Late Registration

March 2020

March 21 - Week 1

March 28 - Week 2

April 2020

April 4 - Week 3

April 11 - Easter Weekend (Rain Make Up Date 1)

April 18 - Week 4

April 25 - Week 5

May 2020

May 2 - Week 6

May 9 - Mother's Day Weekend (Rain Make Up Date 2)

May 16/17 - Playoffs

League Notes:

Registration is closed

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