Indoor Volleyball Rules

Stonewall Raleigh Volleyball will operate under the competition rules and regulations as outlined in the Domestic Competition Rules and Regulations as adopted by USA Volleyball and available at The rules below are specific to Stonewall Raleigh Volleyball and supersede the rules in the USA Volleyball handbook. 

  1. Match Time and Number of Sets 

    1. Each match will be played as the best of 3 sets. The first two sets of a match will be played to 25, utilizing rally scoring. If a third set is necessary, it will be played to 15, utilizing rally scoring and no game interruptions will be permitted (including substitutes). 

    2. The first team in a set to score 25 points (or 15 for the 3rd set) will be the winner of that set.  There is a cap of 17 points for the 3rd set.

    3. If the set score reaches 24-24, the first team to reach a two-point advantage (e.g. 26-24 or 27-25) will be the winner of that set. Cap at 27

    4. Matches are limited to 45 minutes of playing time. 

    5. If a match reaches the time limit before the completion of the deciding set, the teams will finish the current set. If the conclusion of that set does not determine the winner of the match (a 1-1 match score), then the third set will be played, but the score needed to win the set will be reduced to the first team to 10 points and no game interruptions will be permitted (including substitutes). 

  2. Playing Area 

    1. Due to venue availability and limitations, the designated free area around the competition area may be smaller than outlined in the USAVB rulebook. 

  3. Net Height 

    1. For the purposes of a co-ed, recreational league, Stonewall Volleyball Raleigh will utilize a net height of 7'9 5/8". 

  4. Team Composition 

    1. A team may consist of up to 14 members including the Captain. For the purposes of league formation and placement of Free Agents, some teams may exceed this limit with the approval of League Management. 

    2. Only team members that are registered and paid members of Stonewall Volleyball Raleigh are eligible to play on a team. If a non-registered player is used during a match, the opposing team may notify the referee and the match will be forfeited. 

    3. A team must have at least 6 players present at their scheduled match time. A minimum of 4 players is required to start a match.   

      1. A recorded match can be played with a minimum of 4 players.  

        1. If additional players arrive, they must enter the game at the position preceding the 1st server until a full team is realized.

      2. If a team does not present at least four players at match time, a forfeit will be recorded (see section 10). After the forfeit has been recorded, the teams may choose to play a friendly scrimmage match if both captains agree to play. Any scrimmage match resulting from a forfeit must end at least 10 minutes before the beginning of the next match. 

    4. In accordance with the recreational nature of Stonewall Raleigh Volleyball, all present eligible players from a team must play three different positions on the court before the two games are completed.

      1. The changing of a position is based upon the serve/receive rotation.

      2. Playing in both front and back row is not a requirement

    5. The play of all team members must occur within the first two sets of a match.

    6. The Team Captain must present the team lineup to the referee at the beginning of each set. The team must maintain this rotational order throughout the set. 

  5. The Uniform 

    1. Every player must wear the provided Stonewall Raleigh Volleyball uniform shirt for that season. Shirts may be modified for comfort, but the Stonewall logo and any sponsor logos must not be altered or obscured in any way. 

    2. All players must wear athletic shoes with non-marking soles at all times. 

    3. Kneepads and other protective equipment are not required but are highly recommended. 

  6. Substitutions

    1. Unlimited substitutions are permitted per team per set. Substitution of one or more players is permitted at the same time. 

    2. A player in the starting line-up may leave the set and re-enter, but only in previous position in the line-up. 

    3. A substitute may enter a set in the position of the starting line-up. 

    4. Unlimited individual entries by a substitute are permitted. Each entry must be to the same position in the line-up. 

    5. More than one substitute may enter the set in each position. 

    6. An injured player (except the libero) who cannot continue playing should be substituted legally.

  7. The Libero Position 

    1. If a team wishes to utilize the libero position, it is the team's responsibility to clearly identify the libero and to notify the referee of the method used to identify the libero. Some suggested methods include colored arm bands, bandanas, penny-style jerseys or a solid t-shirt worn over the regular uniform after displaying team shirt. 

    2. If a referee feels that the libero is not clearly identifiable during game play, the referee may stop play and require the team to more clearly identify their libero in order to continue utilizing the libero position. 

  8. Playoffs/Final Tournament 

    1. At the conclusion of the regular season, a final single elimination playoff tournament will be held. 

      1. Tournament games will be a normal match with best 2 out of 3 sets.

      2. Tournament scoring will be to 25 points for the first two sets. Win by two or cap at 27.The third set will be played to 15. No cap will occur in the 3rd set.

    2. The seeding for the tournament will be determined by the: 

      1. Final standings from the regular season 

      2. Respect to the availability of the tournament venue and team schedules 

  9. Season Standings 

    1. Each week, league management will update the league standings. 

    2. League standings are determined (in the following order) by: 

      1. Win-loss record 

      2. Head to Head record with all teams in the tie

        1. Assumes teams in ties all played same amount of games each other tied teams

      3. Head to Head match point differential

      4. Overall point differential 

      5. Ratio of 2-set matches won to 3-set matches won. 

  10. Referees/Line Judges - (If official refs are not used for the season)

    1. Each team must have at least two (2) members eligible to serve as a referee.

    2. If the assigned referee team is unable to serve for an assigned match, then they must arrange for another team within the division to fulfill the responsibilities and notify the Volleyball Director at least 24 hours before the match or the team may be issued a paper forfeit for their next match and -7 point score the following week of the forfeit. 

    3. Each week, the referee teams will be required to provide two (2) additional individuals to serve as line judges for another match that week. If a team does not provide the two (2) line judges that week, the team will be assigned a -7 point score the following week. 

  11. Forfeits and Scoring 

    1. If a team is assigned a Forfeit for a match due to failure to present a full team at match time, the score for that match will be recorded as 2-0 and the score for each set will be recorded as 25-0. 

    2. If a team is assigned a Paper Forfeit due to the inability to provide the assigned referee or line judges for a match, the score for that match will be recorded as 2-0 and the score for each set will be recorded as 25-0.

  12. Misconduct

    1. Stage 1: Verbal Warning To The Captain

    2. Stage 2: Yellow Card- Assessed To The Individual But In Force For The Entire Team. Penalized A Point & Service Given To Opponent (In Force For 1 Game)

    3. Stage 3: Red Card- Player Is Removed For The Set, Must Be Legally Substituted (In Force For Remainder Of The Season)

    4. Stage 4: Red & Yellow Card- Disqualification & Removal From League

*******updated 9/21/22*********

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